winter watch

Complete Off Season
Protection for Your Pool

This is a simple and low-cost service offered to provide peace of mind to our customers throughout the winter months.

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Dear Discount Pools and Supplies Customers,

     Our Winter Watch program is a complete package recommended for all pools.  The SERVICE is designed to minimize and even prevent winter damage to your pool and valuable equipment from water freeze, snow and ice. The WINTER WATCH SERVICE provides the following services begin each month starting with January and lasting through April.

    During the first visit, we inspect to make sure the swimming pool was adequately winterized.  Pool covers are inspected for tears and adjustments are made to the water bags and/or springs that hold your cover in place. We also check as follows:

  • Excess water is removed from solid safety covers.

  • Debris is removed from the cover to prevent damage to cover and ensure proper drainage for mesh covers and covers with mesh-drain.

  • Pool water level is checked on pools with mesh covers for proper height.

  • If water level is too high, it is lowered or if level is too low Discount Pools will advise homeowner to add water to recommended height.

  • Check for failing or dangerous equipment

Discount Pools & Supplies will help to protect your investment by performing the following services listed below during Winter Watch.

Best Regards,
Michael Craig
Discount Pools and Supplies
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Removal of excessive debris or water from top of cover | Inspection of cover to ensure the cover is secure, intact, and in place | Ensure proper operation of cover pump


Help to keep the highest level of safety around pool/spa in the offseason | Help to extend the life of your cover by preventing damage | Saves money


Monitor water level | Add Algaecide (once per month) | Add Stain & Scale (once per month)


Help protect pool coping and tile from high water level | Help to protect the interior finish of your pool by preventing sprawling, scaling and water liner stain | Help eliminate time consuming and difficult brushing of pool in Spring and costly chemical treatments


Inspection of heater to help prevent rodent damage | Inspection of equipment to ensure it is in good condition


Help eliminate costly equipment repair or replacement in spring

Option #1

2 visits per month from Jan to April = $649.99
$200 deposit required w/ 3 monthly payments of $149.99

Option #2

1 visit per month from January to April = $399.99
$150 deposit required w/ 3 monthly payments of $83.33

Option #3

Visit as needed from January to April = $124.99 per visit.