United Chemicals Pool Stain Spotting Bag



The Strength to Handle any Type of Stain! Pool Stain Treat has the strength to remove stains from any kind of Swimming Pool Pool Stain Treat is a patented pool stain remover that has the strength to work on any type of stain on every kind of pool surface. Pool Stain Treat is a powerful chelator and sequestering agent able to dissolve metals that have stained your pool to dissolve away back into the water. Pool Stain Treat works independent of pH and chlorine levels making it easy to use. Simply add one bottle of Pool Stain Treat per 20000 gallons to your pool in the affected area and watch the stains disappear. Pool Stain Treat continues to work for up to 60 days keeping metals water soluble and preventing future stains. Pool Stain Treat is the most trusted stain remover in the Pool Industry because of its ability to remove the toughest pool stains.

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