Pepper – 2lb



he perfect ingredient for salt water pools! Got Salt? GET PEPPER!

Pepper will:

  • Extend the life of your chlorine generator.
  • Improves sanitizer effectiveness.
  • Greatly enhances water clarity.
  • Limits troublesome pH fluctuations.
  • Prevents scale buildup on the generator cell, pool equipment and surfaces.
  • Helps maintain low phosphates levels.

The special blend of select ingredients is formulated to work specifically with the unique demands of salt water pools.

Adding Pepper to your pool will enhance quality, protect your pool equipment investment and reduce the overall maintenance your salt water pool requires. Pepper is compatible with all pool surfaces and equipment, plus you can swim immediately after treatment! After Peppers’ initial application, most salt water generators can be operated at lower settings.

It is recommended the Pepper be used on a bi-monthly basis to optimize your salt water system.

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