NoMor Problems



No Mor Problems® is the closest thing to having a pool man in a bottle; it prevents algae, eliminates the need for shocking, clarifiers and phosphate removers, and can reduce filter time. The secret to its power is in the patented formula; it keeps your pool sanitizer working harder, longer – it actually helps release tied-up chlorine so that you won’t have to shock again. This takes a huge load of your filter – thus making it able to work more efficiently. The result is a cleaner clearer pool that doesn’t need phosphate removers, clarifiers, shocking or long filter cycles. Product Type: Preventative Algaecide and Bactericide Used For: Preventing all types of algae and bacteria Dosage: Initial: 3 ounces per 5,000 gallons In addition, you need to add 2lbs of shock immediately after to “activate” the product.