Hayward Rep. Motors (56J FR) – AST125 (3/4 or 1.0HP)


Aqua-Shield,™ which joins the U.S. MOTORS® brand family
nof pool motors manufactured by Nidec, is designed to provide
nsuperior moisture resistance inside the motor where water
nand debris can damage windings and cause premature motor
nfailure. Aqua-Shield features additional bearing protection
nas well. Aqua-Shield motors will continue to deliver the
nthree layers of bearing protection provided on our motors
ntoday (double-sealed ball bearings, lip seal and water slinger).
nIn addition, Aqua-Shield features additional bearing protection
nby including an internal bearing cover which protects the
ndrive end bearings from the natural internal heat of the motor.
nOptimized internal air flow keeps the motor cooler and
nminimizes moisture buildup inside the motor.