AquaChek Salt Strips



AquaChek Pro Salt Test Strips 40 Pack

AquaChek Pro White Test Strips makes Sodium Chloride testing easier than ever. You’ll get a specific, accurate reading every time, so you can ensure proper levels of salt in your pool or hot tub water. With appropriate salt levels, you can rest assured that your pool or spa generator will be able to produce the correct amount of chlorine to keep water clean and free of contaminants.

AquaChek Pro White Test Strips offer precision testing of Sodium Chloride levels – 40 strips per bottle. The AquaChek White test strips measures salt levels from 400 to 7000 ppm, and takes just three to four minutes using a small water sample.

Note: For sodium bromide testing, multiply sodium chloride ppm value by a factor of 1.76.

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