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Discount Pools and Supplies Chemicals

Why Pool Chemicals?

  • Dangerous pathogens, such as bacteria, thrive in water.
  • To take care of pathogens in the water, you have to introduce a disinfecting agent that will get rid of them.
  • The chlorine-based disinfectants may be called “chlorinating liquid”, “dry chlorine” or “liquid chlorine”. The so-called “dry chlorine” is actually chemicals in granular or tablet form while “liquid chlorine” and “chlorinating liquid” are solutions of these chemicals dissolved in water.
  • Swimming pool chemicals include various kinds of disinfectants and sanitizers which work to control the growth of certain kinds of algae and bacteria in the pool water.
  • Various kinds of disinfectants and sanitizers are used but the “chlorine” type is the most common. The chlorine usually comes from “chlorinating agents” that release chlorine when they are dissolved in the water.
  • Improperly balanced water can irritate the skin and eyes.

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