In an ever competitive world on Online Sales, Discount Pools and Supplies realizes the challenge we face as a local retail business.  This is why we rely on you, our Loyal Customer to keep coming back.  We are proud of the fact, through your loyalty, we are able to provide jobs for over twenty people.  We feel we are doing our part in helping the local economy and that could not happen without your support.  The owner, Mike Craig, strives in providing the most pleasurable experience you can have while purchasing your pool products.  He will make sure your questions are answered and you are satisfied.  He is extremely knowledgeable and relies on you coming back!

In addition, we go to great lengths to ensure we carry only the best and most reliable products on the market today.  Our store, in business for over 20 years, takes pride in offering high-quality products and superior customer service.  When making your decision on purchasing pool products, keep in mind we back all of our products.  If a return needs to be made, you can simply come to the store.  No repacking or return shipping costs at Discount Pools.  You can be up and running in minutes.

Again, we truly appreciate your continued support.  We will continue to work hard to provide you the most economical products available.  Check out a report from American Express below:

The Rewards of Great Service

A variety of research shows that today’s customers place a priority on receiving great service.

A 2011 report published by American express revealed that 3 out of 5 customers were willing to give up a former favorite brand in order to have a better service experience.

Even more telling are the results of the 2010 RightNow Customer Experience Impact report, which revealed that 9 in 10 Americans are willing to spend more with companies they believe provide excellent customer service.

Eighty percent of respondents shared the belief that smaller companies place a greater emphasis on service than larger companies, meaning … small business success is highly dependent on the satisfied customer.