Letter from the owner: UPDATE APRIL 3RD, 2020

To all of our valued Discount Pools customers,

​First, I would like to thank all customers who have reached out during this time to help support our business.  We at Discount Pools have been taking this time to properly prepare for our busy season.  Please keep in mind, that we have been in contact with state officials and our retail department is still not deemed essential and can not be open to the public, despite filling out the states essential business exception form (some of our competitors still operating illegally.) We believe in doing our part to help flatten this curve to keep all of our staff and customers healthy. Below you will find a list of our processes and policies to assist you during this time.

Starting April 6th, 2020:

1. Discount Pools service department is fully operational.  Please don’t hesitate to call, email (discountpoolsservice@gmail.com), facebook, or text 609-267-2600 to schedule a pool opening, service, and/or quote

a. Discount Pools service techs will practice social distancing while servicing pools at all times
b. Service techs will not go into customers house, shed, and/or garage.
c. Service Department will ask customer if they would like us to bring any chemicals and/or supplies when we schedule pool opening

2. Discount Pools Retail Department will begin curbside pick up, and/or delivery during business hours.  As of now, hours will be Monday-Friday 9-3 pm Saturday 10-2 pm. Hours will most likely change once weather gets warmer. You can call, email discountpools60@gmail.com, order online, facebook, or text 609-267-2801 to place your order.

a. We have updated our website and are in the beginning stages of selling our products online.  We have added our most popular selling chemicals and supplies.  Please visit, www.discountpoolsonline, add any items or supplies available to the cart, pay online/or at curbside, and then Discount Pools will deliver or set up a curbside pick up immediately during business hours!
b. During this time, our staff will be practicing social distancing and wiping down doors and products every 48 hours. (depending on customer frequency at curbside)

3. Discount Pools Retail department will begin curbside water testing and/or curbside drop off.

a. We hope in the coming weeks to have a properly sanitized drop box device for customers to drop off their water tests.  Water tests will be testing during business hours and then customers will be called if they need anything.
b. If customer drops off water test during business hours, the test will most likely be performed immediately so customer will not have to wait.

Once again, I do appreciate all your support and future support during this time.  Discount Pools has over 18 employees between 16-60 years old.  I still plan on keeping them employed as best as I can during this time.  Please communicate with me or my managers with any questions, concerns, even ideas, while we adapt to these changes from the Covid-19 outbreak.  


Michael Craig