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Mandatory Variable-Speed Pool Pumps in 2021

Coming in 2021, variable-speed pool pumps will be mandatory for powering the filtration system of any spa or pool. This is due to a new U.S. Department of Energy regulation that will require all pumps past a certain horsepower rating to meet an efficiency threshold, effective July 18, 2021. This federal regulation sets forth minimum [...]

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How to clean your pool

Take inventory of your pool cleaning supplies and make sure you have everything you need. The first thing you'll want is a telescopic pole since most cleaning accessories attach to the pole. Next would be a leaf net, also called a leaf skimmer (not to be confused with the skimmer in your pool wall). [...]

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Robotic Pool Cleaners (Brick and Mortar Only)

Maybe you have a suction or pressure-side cleaner. They’re mechanical wonders in their own right, but robotic pool cleaners are hands down the best cleaners you can get. You can’t beat the convenience of simply dropping the cleaner into your pool, especially when you compare it to fiddling with all those hoses. But how [...]

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Customer Loyalty

In an ever competitive world on Online Sales, Discount Pools and Supplies realizes the challenge we face as a local retail business.  This is why we rely on you, our Loyal Customer to keep coming back.  We are proud of the fact, through your loyalty, we are able to provide jobs for over twenty [...]

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Hayward Pumps

Why purchase a Hayward pump from Discount Pools and Supplies? Hayward is the leading manufacturer of energy efficient pool pumps. Our residential and commercial pool pumps are engineered for dependability, performance and quiet operation. With the broadest line up of ENERGY STAR® rated variable-speed pool pumps, we have the right size pump to fit [...]

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